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Dear players, for 2 days the MUDREAM project was under a massive DDOS attack. We haven't encountered of such force  yet . As a result, MUDREAM did not work for several days. This case can happen with absolutely any project. The difference is in consequences for project and players. We got out of this situation with honor. We did not make concessions to the attackers and spent our resources on improving our security system in order to avoid similar cases in the future.




Thank you for pointing out our weaknesses. We have improved our protection system and moved closer to our goal - to create a project that will bring joy and bright emotions from the time spent with us. If someone doesn't like our goal, then know that we will not retreat.




Friends, we appreciate your patience and loyalty to our project so you will be justly rewarded! The Mudream team will compensate for any inconvenience each player will receive:








BUFFS  for 2 days




Scroll of Defense      Scroll of Wrath      Scroll of Wizardry




Scroll of Strength     Scroll of Battle     Scroll of Mana




We apologize to the players for the inconvenience caused. The DDOS attack case showed us that we are moving in the right direction and only strengthened our desire to become one of the best Mu Online projects.


P.S. When a reward is given out, a notification icon will appear on the "Boosts & Upgrades" button. To receive a reward, go to the "Bonuses" section.










All the best. ©DreamTeam                  

DDos attack to Mudream 06 / 07 / 2022



The MuDream project has been under a massive DDOS attack from yesterday evening until now. Our team is working on restoring the server and improving the server protection system.
We apologize for the temporary difficulties with the game.







TODAY AT 20:00 (GTM+3)



Four teams will battle for the heading of the strongest guild in the MuDream world. The winner gets fame, access to the Land of Trials location, and the Cashprize - $250. For each next battle in the Castle Siege, the main cashprize will increase! 




Only one of them will get the castle 











Stream will be available on our website







All the best. ©DreamTeam                  







Changelog annonce v. 1.3 








The commission for selling items on the marketplace is changed to the previous value of 20%




Fixed server time, now it is Kyiv (GMT+3).


Fixed a bug with displaying information about the item in the game.


Added sounds of steps, attacks, killing monsters, music of all locations.


Now you don't need to hover a mouse over a character anymore to see a player's name.


Experience bar now shows exactly how much % is required to level up.



Trading and private shop is no more available in Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland. Market is moved to Devias.


Some fixes with Party Exp (beta).


Moss Merchant now spawns every 3 hours.


Now when restarting game client while at NoN PvP Arena location, you will appear at the same spot.


Now when quitting the game, your character will be teleported to safe zone regardless of location (does not apply to NoN PvP Arena).


Master Skill Tree is reworked . Now MS reset cost is reduced to 10 DreamCoins. Command: /remaster1 resets 1st MS skill tree, /remaster2 resets 2nd MS skill tree and /remaster3 resets 3rd MS skill tree.


Socket parameters are reworked.




MG | DL | RF - don't have any advantages at level requirement while using teleportation






Regular and excellent set drop system is reworked. More about drop you can read here (


Increased Zen drop chance.


Added  Jewel Of Guardian drop at Kalima 6.


Added  Wizards Ring drops with 10% chance from guards of White Wizard






Fixed error when  Beasty Claw, were unable to stack.


Changed  Fenrir Blue, BlackGolden appearance.





Added  Pumpkin of Luck drop with different buffs lasting 1 hour .


Now when upgrading Wings LVL2 to +13, +14, +15  they get extra options:

  •  +2500 HP
  •  +3% Excellent Damage Resistance
  •  +4% Increase Critical Damage Rate






NoN PvP Arena location is now available before 35 reset regardless of GrandReset.




Removed Nixies Lake 2 - 3 and Ferea 2 - 3 teleports.


Added teleportation gates into Nixies Lake and Ferea.





Added 16 spots in  LaCleon location



Added 19 spots in Nixies Lake location



Added 17 spots in Ferea location



Added new location Temple of Arnil, monsters lvl is the same as in Kanturu Remain. To enter you need to have at least lvl 200 and Ticket Temple of Arnil, which is dropped from all monsters only for VIP Golden. Any character may enter: both VIP and nonVIP. To enter talk to NPC at Lorencia 129, 118.


Added new location  Old Kethorum. Monster level is same as Kanturu Remain. Required level to teleport - 230




Updated Noria location interface:







Changed skills and attacks of monsters at the new locations.


Increased Boss HP Kundun (Kalima)


Increased Boss HP Selupan (LaCleon)


Increased HP, Defence, Attack speed  of bosses: Nix, Ferea, Golden Erohim, Golden Kundun, Golden Hell Mine, Monster of the Swamp.


Illusion Kundun Boss spawn timer is reduced from 120 min to 30 min.






Castle Siege:


Fixed castle siege icon changing when getting a crown.


Now when channeling crown during Castle siege, if GM has interrupted channeling, every second get -5 accumulated seconds.


Increased damage during Castle Siege from 50% to 75%


Imperial Guardian Fort - added new event


Team Deathmatch Event - added new event





Imperial Guardian Fort is a 7-day long event and consists of 2 phases. At  phase 1 from Monday till Saturday you can participate by collecting tickets. On Sunday at phase 2 you can get some special prizes


Creating a ticket


LocationTicketMaterial for combination
Varka 1-6 Gaion's Order Suspicious Scrap of Paper
Varka 7 Secromicon Secromicon Fragment (1-6)


To enter the event at phase 1 from Monday to Saturday you will need a quest item  Gaion's Order. To get a quest item you will need to collect  Suspicious Scrap of Paper, which is dropped from all monsters with small chance. When you get 5 Suspicious Scrap of Paper, they will transform in your inventory into a  Gaion's Order. Take your order to an NPC Jerint in Lorencia (148,145) and start your quest progress. After killing the boss in the 3rd room named Destler, you will get  Secromicon Fragment and 2 random Ancient items. Combine 6 Secromicon Fragment in chaos machine to get a  Secromicon, which will allow you to access into the phase 2 of the event. On Sunday Guardian Fort is separated into 4 arenas. Completing all 4 and defeating a boss in the last one will grant you a special reward.


Battle conditions


Jerint will let you in only if you are in a party. Your party members may also join you but they all have to have their own Order of Gaion to enter. From Monday to Saturday location is separated into 3 rooms. There is a gate at the end of each room which can be destroyed only by defeating all monster in the room. On Sunday an extra 4th room with boss is added. 4th room Boss drops 3 random items: Broken Horn, 3rd wings 1-2 options, Jewel of Guardian (30), Jewel of Creation (30), Jewel of Harmony (30), Garuda Feather, Condor Feater, Socket, Seed Sphere Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Earth. Rank7 items (3x Excellent Option: Titan, Brave, Phantom, Destruction, Seraphim, Divine, Royal, Hades, Rune Scent), 7 ранг оружии (3x Excellent Option: Flameberge Sword, Breaker Sword, Rune Bastard Blade, Absolute Scepter, Dark Stinger Bow, Deadly Staff, Inberial Staff, Rune Scent Mace). Entrance attempts are limited by 2 per day for each character.


Added new mounts: Shining Tail (+10% Experience rate), Shining Tail Rare (+20% Experience rate), Pierce Ryan (+10% Experiencer rate), Pierce Ryan Rare (+20% Experience rate). Can be obtained from Silver Box, Golden Box, which you can get by participating at Team Deathmatch Event.








Event runs everyday at 19:00 server time.



To participate, talk to TvT Manager at Devias (204, 59). You will have 5 min to register. At 19:06 all registered players will be teleproted to a battleground Team Deathmatch Arena and divided into 2 equal teams - Red Team and Blue Team. Characters are sorted randomly considering their reset level and class.


The event goal is to defeat your opponent team.


  • Event duration: 15 mins
  • Maximum amount of players: 120
  • Minimal level required: 50
  • Minimal reset required: 5


Every player of the winning team will obtain a reward   –  Silver Key (30%),  Golden Key (20%). These keys are needed to open

   Silver Box, Golden Box. Reward in Silver/Golden boxes will announce soon, but it will be real hoot!








All the best. ©DreamTeam                  

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