Changelog v. 1.6







New event:  Illusion Temple (beta)


The event is in beta status - settings can be changed over several days to get the optimal balance.



Illusion Temple — new unique event that requires teamwork to win.


Number of participants: from 2 to 10
Duration: 15 minutes
Limits: 3 times a day
Event starts: every hour

Registration located at Lorencia, Elbeland and Noria:




1st reward:  Lesser Spirit Stone - 40%

2nd reward:

Horn of Fenrir (Red) - 3%

 - Silver Key -  30%

 - Golden Key - 17%

          Jewels - 50%

[Pack] Jewel of Bless 10

[Pack] Jewel of Soul 10

[Pack] Jewel of Life 10

[Pack] Gemstone 10

[Pack] Jewel of Harmony 10




Players are randomly assigned to 2 teams of 5 people. Each team spawns at its own base (А / В). 30 seconds of prepare time for discussing tactics and going to battle! At the top or bottom of the map (1 / 2), a statue randomly spawns, which contains Cursed Castle Water (hereinafter the sphere). Your team should be the first who activates the statue, gets the sphere puts it on the altar near the base. The carrier of the sphere is shown on the map to all players (X), and also receives a slowdown debuff. The allies must escort the player from statue to their altar. The enemies have to kill the sphere carrier, pick it up and take it to their own altar. The goal of each team is to bring sphere as many times as possible to their altar within 15 minutes.





     Designation on the map


     А / В - team bases

     1 / 2 - location of the statues

     Х - sphere carrier









Additional info:

There are monsters on the map in addition to player enemies. Players recieve Kill Points by killing other players/monsters. These points can be spent to use special abilities. 


  - Teleports your hero to the sphere carrier. Works for both allies and enemies. You can also use this spell on mob to teleport to the sphere carrier. This skill is unavailable while there is no sphere carrier.



  - Roots the enemy for 10 seconds.




   - Creates a shield around your character - 210% absorb damage for 12 seconds. This skill is available when your character is not more that 1 screen far from the sphere carrier.




  - Reduces  enemy's SD by 99%.




To use the abilities for Kill Points, you need to press SHIFT + RMB.




To select an ability, use the menu above the minimap:


1 - Chosen ability.


2 - Skills switcher.


3 - Required number of Kill Points for the ability.


4 - Your current number of Kill Points.



To get inside:


To get into the Illusion temple, you need to buy a Scroll of blood ticket from the barmen at Lorencia.





Blood Caste


Visit limit for regular accounts 4 times a day

Visit limit for VIP GOLD accounts is 5 times a day


Devil Square


Visit limit for regular accounts 4 times a day

Visit limit for VIP GOLD accounts is 5 times a day







     Rage Fighter 




Reduced damaged dealt to Rune Wizard by 7%.


Improved the appearance of the Rage Fighter LVL4 cape.



Added new Rank 6 set (pre-top). Can be dropped from Selupan, Medusa, Gold Box, Imperial Guardian Main Boss.







     Dark Lord




Fixed animation bug for Dark Lord LVL4 Cloak (cloak particles were not displayed)










Increased Damage dealt to all classes by 13%





     Dark Wizard




Increased Damage dealt to all classes by 6%





     Rune Wizard




Increased Damage dealt to Dark Kright by 16%


Increased Damage dealt to other classes by 9%





     Dark Kright




Reduced Inner HP buff percentage from 140% to 110%


Reduced Skill Damage from 650% to 600%






Added new items - Excellent Quiver Arrow и Excellent Quiver Bolt. They cannot be upgraded or improved in any way. These items can be obtained from Box Of Kundun +5 with a random number of Excellent options from 1 to 3.




Added Jewel of Bless (30%), Jewel of Soul (30%) drop for such events as Fortune Punch, Luna Rabbit, Fire Flame Ghost.


Changed the appearance of Coin of Zen 100kk, 500kk, 1kkk


Removed options on LVL4 wings/cloaks that appeared when upgraded to lvl 13, 14, 15.


Implemented an upgrade system for LVL4 wings/cloaks, that includes 5 stages. Your 4th wings/cloak are LVL 1 defaultly.





To upgrade your LVL4 wings/cape you need  Dream Blue Topaz Jewel, that increases your wings/cape level by 1 with 100% chance.

Dream Blue Topaz Jewel can be obtained at chaos machine craft with 100% chance. In order to craft it you need:

- Any LVL4 wings/cape +9

- Elemental Rune

- Dream Blue Jewel


-  500,000,000 Zen


- Elemental Rune can be obtained at chaos machine craft with 60% chance. In order to craft it you need:


- 10x Intermediate Spirit Stone - new item. Can be dropped with a 3% chance from monster Uknava at Nixies Lake, Ferea, Scotch Canyon.

- 15x Lesser Spirit Stone - new item. Can be obtained for winning TvT with a 40% chance, for winning an Illusion Event with a 40% chance, and also during Chaos Castle 7 event with a 1% chance for killing monsters.

- 30 Jewel of Bless

- 30 Jewel of Soul

- 30 Jewel of Chaos


- 750,000,000 Zen


Dream Blue Jewelcan be obtained at chaos machine craft with 60% chance. In order to craft it you need:


- 7x Golden Sentence (Moss Merchant)

- 7x Greater Spirit Stone (Moss Merchant)

- 30 Jewel of Creation

- 30 Jewel of Guardian

- 30 Jewel of Bless

- 30 Jewel of Soul

- 2x Jewel of Level

- 2x Jewel of Excellent


- 750,000,000 Zen









All the best. ©DreamTeam                  

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